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Ganga- Kumari National Waterways Project (NWP)

The PROJECT proposes to have National Waterways covering the entire Nation just like National Highways. The National Waterways Project by Networking of the Rivers in India consists of the Himalayan Waterways (HWW), the Central Waterways (CWW), and Southern Waterways (SWW). The HWW run almost the entire country from west to East on the Northern side. The CWW and SWW cover almost all the States in the Centre and South up to Kanyakumari


The entire water utilized by the National Waterways Project is only the flood water which goes to the sea. The waterways run at an even height of 500 meters above MSL in the HWW and 250 meters above MSL in the CWW and SWW with a minimum permanent water level of 10 meters. We can generate enormous power by utilizing the level difference the HWW and CWW as well between CWW/ SWW and the sea. 

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