NAWAD TECH has been championing the cause of Networking of Rivers in India by Smart Waterways Project (Ganga-Kumari National Waterways Project) 


Waterways are the cheapest means of transport and most suitable for carrying heavy and bulky goods

Carries surplus waters

Two way flow of water without any need for pumping and carries surplus waters from one basin to another with deficit rainfall at any point


Great potential for generation of hydro-electricity, navigation, irrigation enhancement, agriculture development and eco-tourism.

National Waterways Project(NWP)

“Ganga-Kumari National Waterways Project” (NWP) is the result of NAWAD TECH research. (This is also known as Smart Waterways for Networking of all Rivers.)  NWP is a new concept creating 15,000 Km long Smart waterways just like Golden Quadrilateral Project and will pave the way for smooth sharing of water.

NAWAD TECH possess

in connecting rivers by waterways

Project Milestone

About A.C. Kamaraj

A. C. Kamaraj, Founder & Chairman , NAWAD TECH an eminent engineer and expert in water management has evolved the formation of a system by the name Gangai Kumari National Waterways which overcomes many of the demerits noticed in the previous schemes proposed by senior engineers of National Water Development Agency for solving water problems…


“The Honorable former president of India 

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam has endorsed our approach and recommended this project as an innovative project” 

Where there’s water on Earth, you find life as we know it… So do your support for better Tomorrow”

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