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To explore research activities to provide Water For All by creating and managing the Networking Of Rivers by Smart Waterways across the length and breadth of the country
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To achieve Networking of Rivers by Smart Waterways and provide water for all and for all purposes throughout the Country besides establishing a World Class Research Center. Our approach will be Win- Win situation to all States in sharing flood water as every State is receiver and no State is a giver



To enable and enhance the technologies to integrate rivers to facilitate and provide drinking water, irrigation, water preservation, transportation and power generation. We join our hands  with government and other social activists to implement the programs for the welfare of people.


To  explore research activities to provide Water For All by creating and managing the Networking Of Rivers by Smart Water Ways  across the length and breadth of India

Prof. a.c. kamaraj

Prof. A. C. Kamaraj Chairman – NAWAD TECH, Expert Committee Member In Inter Linking Of Rivers Government Of India.

 Er.A.C.Kamaraj, the Chairman of the Company, is known as Social Scientist and Hydro Scientist. He has four decades of experience in canal formation, construction of Dams, Water Management, Water regulation, Flood control, Design and construction of Major Buildings.

 He was the Head of the Department in Tamilnadu Polytechnic and Professor in Regional Engineering College, Trichy. (Now NIT). He has been associated with the NAWAD TECH since its inception as founder and promoter. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. Prof. A.C.Kamaraj has received many awards including the ‘Eminent Engineer Award, the ‘Best Citizen Award’, and the ‘Outstanding Service Award’ for his expertise and service. He is also a member of the Expert Committee for Inter – linking Rivers (ILR), Government of India. He has traveled many Countries including USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, U.A.E, Germany, Netherlands, etc.,

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Appeal  For Indian Donors:

Water is the most essential for sustenance of life and country's development. NAWAD TECH  has developed a feasible, viable and  acceptable Water Resource Management for India. It is Networking of rivers by Smart Waterways. Donate liberaly to NAWAD TECH  so as to implement the Project and future research.

Appeal For NRI Donors

NAWAD TECH has Proposed the best Water Resouce Management System for India. It is called Ganga Kumari National Smart Waterways Project. It is Networking of Indian Rivers  by Smart waterways. We want to establish a world class Research Centre and also take the Project for implementation. Donate 10$ daily as your valuable contribution.