• The Networking of Rivers in Telangana known as Telangana Waterways Project (TeWP) –is a segment in Ganga- Kumari National Waterways Project (NWP), , is a new concept for Networking of all major rivers by waterways.
  • The project does not interfere with any of the existing irrigation systems but only strengthens.

Telangana Waterways:

  • All the west to east flowing rivers in Telangana are linked with Telangana waterways GRID. This waterways grid may be created at the height of around 250 MSL.
  • The width of the Navigational waterway is 120 m and the depth is 10 m .


Estimate             : Cost: Rs.30,000 Cr.,    Return :Rs.3700 Cr. per year

Implementation : 5 years under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model