Kerala Waterways Project (KWP)

The Kerala Waterways Project (KWP) for Networking of Rivers (NWR) It can be implemented for the reasons.

  • No pumping, only gravitational flow.
  • Harnesses only flood water for effective flood control and drought, saving thousands of Crores of Rupees every year
  • Requires only 2% land against 10% by other plans
  • No Financial strain to Government, since the project can be implemented

under Public Private Partnership (PPP)

KWP creates:

  • 650 Km Smart Waterways operational on all seasons.
  • Drinking water for about 22 million people.
  • 2600 MW of hydro power.
  • 6 acres under irrigation to meet our food requirement by 2050.
  • Can be implemented similar to National Highways as per our constitution.
  • Provides enormous employment.
  • The project is environment friendly as it reduces pollution greatly.
  • The cost of the project is about Rs. 52,000Cr.
  • The return from the project is favorable for PPP model
  • KWP can be completed in 5 years.
  • KWP is Legally, Socially, Economically and politically viable.