• The rivers on the Western Ghats carry heavy floods during season and during other periods even drinking water is not available.
  • Karnataka Smart Waterways Project – (KSWP) is a segment in Ganga- Kumari National Waterways Project (NWP), is a new concept for Networking of all major rivers by waterways.
  • In this system, the concept of surplus basin or deficit basin does not arise. When there is surplus (flood water) going to sea in any basin, the water will be let into waterways. The same basin can get back water when required.
  • The project was also presented to the Chief Secretary of Karnataka on Nov 19th 2008 and was well received.


  • This proposal is for creating smart waterways and helps to harness nearly 400 TMC of floodwater which otherwise runs off to sea.
  • KSWP is taken on Contour concepts and hence there is no pumping in the whole system and KSWP allows for Two-way flow.
  • Water will flow smoothly in waterways just as power flows in a power grid and there will be no problem in sharing water between different basins.
  • KSWP envisages construction of waterways from North to South at about 250 MSL on western side of the Western Ghats. The waterway is 400 Km long and connects all the major and minor Rivers including Netravathy and Kalinadi on the western side.
  • The width of the Navigational waterway is 120 m and the depth is 10 m .