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It is a multipurpose project involving various benefits. The implementation of the project can be entrusted to different agencies. The foremost consideration is this project is ideally suited to B. O. T. or B. O. O. T project. Here also there are many possible permutations and combinations. The Himalayan Waterways, Central Waterways and the Southern Waterways can be entrusted to different firms. This arrangement would enable to achieve the benefits as envisaged. The project on completion will have an income of Rs. 104,000 Cr per year from Freight Revenue, from irrigation, Power and Water for drinking and industrial use.

The author who is working on the project for more than two decades, have made concrete personal efforts for getting the above proposal implemented by writing letters and personally meeting and explaining to the highest political leaders in the government. It is also a fact that the present government is committed to the linking of all the major rivers in the country. The author urges the government for speedy implementation of the GANGAI-KUMARI National Waterways project, a unique of its kind to build a bright future.

In order to increase food production, to drive away the poverty form the nation and to control flood damage, "THE NATIONAL WATERWAYS", a project of national importance should be taken up giving top priority. The author, along with a panel of engineers, is working on the project for more than 2 decades. He has been collecting details, carrying site inspections & approaching top policy makers personaly.



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