• Gujarat Waterways Project (GWP) is an innovative scheme which networks all the major rivers of Gujarat and serves as a storage reservoir and contains flood. It facilitates two-way flow and allows inter-basin transfer without affecting the existing system. It proposes to connect the major rivers such as Sabarmathi, Mahi, Narmatha,Tapi etc,. It acts like a water grid similar to power Grid. Hence, it is also called “Gujarat waterways GRID”.
  • Gujarat Waterways Project – (GWP) is a segment in Ganga- Kumari National Waterways Project (NWP), conceived by Prof. Er. A.C. Kamaraj and developed by a team of devoted experts, numbering over 100 under his leadership.
  • NWP is supported by the former President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam .


  • The special feature of the project is retrieval of only floodwater, which now goes unutilized to the sea. It does not interfere with the utilizable flow in any basin.
  • GWP is eco friendly proposal & the biggest rain water harvesting (RWH) for the State.
  • GWP is based on Contour concepts and hence there is no pumping in the whole system and GWP allows Two-way flow.
  • All the east to west flowing rivers in Gujarat are linked with Gujarat waterways GRID. This waterways grid may be created at the height of around 250 MSL.
  • The width of the Navigational waterway is 120 m and the depth is 10 m .


Estimate: Cost: Rs.40,000 Cr.,    Return : Rs.5,400 Cr. per year

Implementation: 5 years under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model