Establishment of NAWAD TECH

           NAWAD TECH was formerly known as NAWAD COUNCIL it was established in the year of 2001. NAWAD TECH has been incorporated as a not-for-profit corporate Organization under section 25. The Registered Office of the Company is situated in Madurai, State of Tamilnadu. NAWAD TECH has been working on waterways for over a decade with various national and regional governments. We have done extensive simulation and flow modeling with Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore, including number of field trials within various State Governments.  We have contributed to number of research papers in various engineering forum across India. In recognizing the extensive work in the field of connecting rivers by waterways, Govt. of India has appointed Er. A.C. Kamaraj, Chairman NAWAD TECH as expert member in the committee on interlinking of rivers. In summary, NAWAD TECH possess ‘KNOW-WHY’, ‘KNOW-WHAT’ and ‘KNOW-HOW’ in connecting rivers by waterways.

             Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has recognized NAWAD TECH as Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO). We can effectively perform as extension of public sector in project implementation. For example NAWAD TECH can be entrusted with projects in implementing programmes for welfare of the people.

Our Team

             Er A.C. Kamaraj Founder & Chairman NAWAD TECH is leading NAWAD TECH with strong team of technocrats, including former chief engineers with more than 2000 person years of techno-management experience in water management. Our team include specialists in the field of Hydraulics, water management, formation of canals, Dams, Hydro power, deep excavation, remote sensing, GPS etc with rich experience of consulting for International funding organizations such as Asian Development Bank, World Bank etc.

 Our Technology Partners

              NAWAD TECH is partnering with Netherland technology and research establishments, who are world leaders in waterways, canal management for over 800 years..  NAWAD TECH is also setting up Waterways research organization in consultation with Netherland water research organizations. The research organization would undertake research and development for planning, implementation and operation of waterways. In addition, it is also associated with Indian research institutions like DST (Department of Science & Technology), IISC (India Institute of Science). Leading Companies like L&T who are already involved in similar projects have also expressed their willingness to cooperate with us.

Our Company and its Financial Partners

                NAWAD TECH is a planning and implementing body of NAWAD Council, dedicated to networking of rivers delivering benefits to public. NAWAD TECH has identified international financial partners for providing investments with direct recourse to project income, so that project could be self-funded completely without major state funding.