When Godavari River is in floods, Krishna Basin suffers heavy water shortage. More than 2000 TMC of water goes to sea every year from Godavari alone. However Krishna also discharges heavy floods at times (2.87 lakhs cusecs into sea in August 2005). The only solution for these problems is Networking of Rivers.

  • The Networking of Rivers in Andhra known as Andhra Waterways Project – (AWP) is a segment in Ganga- Kumari National Waterways Project (NWP), conceived by Prof. Er. A.C. Kamaraj and developed by a team of devoted experts, numbering over 100, is a new concept for Networking of all major rivers by waterways.
  • The project does not interfere with any of the existing irrigation systems but only strengthens.
  • The special feature of the project is retrieval of only floodwater, which is now going unutilized to the sea. It does not interfere with the utilizable flow (Water available at 75% dependability) in any basin.
  • AWP is the biggest rain water harvesting (RWH) in the State.AWP is taken on Contour concepts and hence there is no pumping in the whole system and AWP allows for Two-way flow.
  • All the west to east flowing rivers in Andhra are linked with Andhra waterways GRID. This waterways grid may be created at the height of around 250 MSL.The width of the Navigational waterway is 120 m and the depth is 10 m .
    Estimate             : Cost: Rs.30,000 Cr.,    Return :Rs.4000 Cr. per year


Implementation : 5 years under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model